Sun's Flower

I FINALLY learned how to do the smooth mottled backgrounds, and so this idea for a background came to me, and then I had to find a flower to paint with it, and so I settled on this gangly sunflower.....  It snowed the day after I had started most of the petals on this, and this painting just kept reminding me that spring and summer are just around the corner!!  I haven't had the chance to do flowers in over a year!!!  I can't wait to do a couple more.  Nothing's 'talking' to me at the moment, so I have a new work on the easel already.! and it's nearly completed!  this sun's flower and my new one are both a reminder to me of finishing my Bachelor's degree on Monday, and starting my master's next month!  Changes are always happening, seasons, feelings, and so much.  Sun's flower reminded me of the warmth and brilliance of the sun, and how thankful I am for those seasons in our lives.....

"Sun's Flower" 12x24  acrylic on stretched canvas.  contact me at my website or facebook for purchase.

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