Chum: Mohican Cowboy

This painting gave me a run for my money! In August, I had found out that an incredibly dear friend of the family passed away. I wanted to paint a portrait of him for his wife he left behind. This man was a great story teller, and one of the nicest people in the world, and I know, one of my dad's favorite people. I had intended on having it done by CHristmas, but I found out he was not Cherokee like my mom thought, but that he was Mohican. I found that really fascinating, and set out to research the Mohicans: Stockbridge Muncee band. I didnt find much! How astonishing is that!! BUt, through FACEBOOK, of all things, I found the information I was looking for, which was what animals were revered by the Mohicans. I wanted to incorporate them into the painting. The first time, I had a landscape background, with the animals worked in, and the wolf in his shirt. I did not like how cluttered the painting was, so I took all that out, created a nice calm background, putting the bear and the wolf in the corners in the top, and since I did not have room for the turkey and the turtle, I put all four animals in his hatband, along with the Mohican symbol. I think this made for a much smoother picture, in which Chum is truly the center. he was such a pleasure to do, that I am very happy I took my time to get the painting done just right. The wonderful wife sounds very thrilled with it, and so I am even more pleased with his outcome!

Thank you, Chum, for being a blessing in my life, and an even bigger one in my parents'. You will be missed. May our Great Spirit Father hold you close to him for us till we meet again.

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